Petromin Helps Port Moresby General Hospitals Physio Units

Petromin PNG Holdings Limited recently came to the assistance of the Port Moresby General Hospitals excellent Physiotherapy unit through the donation of an electronic hot plate, a ceiling fan, towels, chairs and other supplies.

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Petromin Gives K1,500.00 to PNG Women Doctors Association.

President of the Women Doctors Association of Papua New Guinea Dr Evelyn Lavu said the A&E unit are the primary care department for hospitals, however because A&E units of hospitals nationwide lack vital equipment such as defibrillators, automatic ventilation and CPR machines, oxygen, intravenous lines, fluids and emergency drugs, patients ultimately suffer.

In order to rectify this situation, the association has been campaigning since June this year to raise funds for the purchase of necessary A&E equipment for all hospitals in the country.

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